Ichinoseki Japan

The Iwai river


Ichinoseki City is located in the northern part of Japan,
about 450km from Tokyo. Ichinoseki is in Iwate prefecture, the largest prefecture in Japan.

The Oou mountain range is to the west, and the Kitakami mountains are to the east. The Iwai river flows from Mt Kurikoma (locally called Mt. Sukawa) through Ichinoseki, and joins the Kitakami river.

Interesing places in Ichinoseki

Genbikei Gorge

This gorge is only about one km long, and never more than a few meters deep. The river has been carved out of solid rock into a most picturesque and intrical natural sculpture.

Sukawa Hotsprings

Sukawa hotsprings are located 40km west of Ichinoseki City, near the top of Mt. Sukawa. There are several hotsprings near the top of the mountain. There is a large old bath house which you pass to reach the ravine that is the source of the hot water. It has several pools, and mixed bathing is still practiced.


If you take route 4 north, you come to Hiraizumi, an ordinary looking town, once the cultural center of the area. Hiraizumi is the home of Chusonji, the most historic temple in northern Japan.

Ichinoseki has been damaged by twice typhoons. One called Kathrine and the other Aion. The city has just now recovered completely. Recently, many kinds of factories have been built here, keeping the local economy active.
Ichinoseki station is where you transfer to get to Sanriku-Kaigan, the coastal area of Iwate prefecture.
Ichinoseki is also the gateway to many small villages, which still hold on to the traditions of the past. One of these villiages is Kawasaki village, famous for the grand fireworks display held in August. Ichinoseki is rich in folklore, dances, and tradition. Make Ichinoseki a stop on your visit to northern Japan.

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